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Some Reasons People Choose to Work With Us:
 – Anxiousness & Stress
– Easily Irritable and Frustrated
– Sadness
– Difficulty Sleeping
– Communication Issues with Spouse
 – Feeling Disconnected from Spouse
– Marriage Needs a Tune-Up
– Infidelity
– Dealing with a Difficult Person
 – Ready for Improved Quality of Life

We have spent the past few years researching, developing
and testing our unique ‘mindfulness-based approach’
which is a non-pathologizing, non-judgmental approach
for supporting you as an individual, as well as the relationships in your life.

This method gives us a predictable framework for assessing
and delivering care to our clients and we want to offer that to you…

So if you’ve had miscommunications with your spouse
or you’re easily irritated, frustrated, or anxious and want some tools
for your toolbox to help manage these issues, book a consultation
with one of our providers and let’s see if we can help…

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