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Some Reasons People Choose The Mindfulness Center Florida:
 – Communication Issues with Your Partner
– Feeling Disconnected from Your Spouse
– Your Marriage Needs a Tune-Up
– Grieving the Loss of a Loved One
– Dealing with Resistance to Change
 – Experiencing a Trauma

At The Mindfulness Center Florida, we have spent the past few years researching, developing and testing our unique ‘mindfulness-based approach’ which is a non-pathologizing, non-judgmental approach for supporting you as an individual, as well as the various relationships in your life.

This method gives us a predictable framework for assessing and delivering care and we want to offer that to you…

So if you’ve had miscommunications with your spouse, recently gone through a traumatic experience, or suffered a loss and want some tools for your toolbox to help manage these issues, book a consultation with one of our providers helping to Keep Florida Mindful™ and give us a chance to help!

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