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Hooray! We’re happy to share some great tools for your toolbox to handle all of life’s stressors.

Often we can’t stop the stressors from happening, but perhaps we can change how we think about those stressors…even if we think about them just 5% differently…

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  • Our “Should vs. Could” worksheet to see how you may be “Shoulding” all over yourself and how you can start to look at ways you “Could” view things instead.
  • The highly regarded “Discerning & Clarifying Your Core Values” exercise from our very own, Britt Riddle, DMin, MAMFT to help you in setting excellent boundaries and becoming more self-aware.
  • AND, to top it all off, you will entered to win our monthly book giveaway of Megan’s book: RESET: Six Powerful Exercises to Refocus Your Attention on What Works & Let Go of What Doesn’t.
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